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Eggspert thanks you for your website visit and your interest in our company.


At Eggspert, we highly value the protection of data. This web page informs you how Eggspert respects regulations on data protection, which information we collect via our website and how this information is used. First and foremost, your personal data is only being used in the cases described below and will not be used without your prior consent.

Automatic data collection

During your website visit, Eggspert collects general technical information automatically (in other words, not via user input).

The technical information that we collect automatically:

  • Referrer URL

  • Web pages that you visit

  • Your IP-address

  • The name of your IP organization

  • The name of your Web browser and your language setting

  • The operation system of your device


This information gets linked to an automatically generated user profile. We use this information to improve attractiveness, content and functions of our website. In case data is transfered to external service providers, we ensure that the necessary technical and organisational measures are in place to ensure that data protection regulations are respected at all times.

Collection and processing of personal data


Personal data gets collected when you provided them to us by filling out a Web form, by sending e-mails, by requesting us information or by asking a sales-related question.


Your personal data stay within our company and are exposed to third parties by us or by processors working for us. The collected personal data will solely be used to reply to your questions or for specific purposes for which you have given us prior consent. At any moment in time, you can revoke any given consent to use your personal data by means of sending us a registered letter in which you request to revoke your consent in the future.


Please use the address mentioned below, under the title “General Contact Data Protection“.


Storage duration


We keep your personal data as long as necessary to perform the services that you requested, or for the duration of your consent, provided there’s no legal ground or legal obligation.




Eggspert has the technical and organisational security measures in place to protect your personal data against voluntary or involuntary misuse, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Where personal data is collected and processed, the data is transmitted in an encrypted form to avoid abuse by third parties. Eggspert continuously updates security to the latest available technology.


Your right to access and correct your data


You have the right to obtain your personal data and request to change or have it deleted. You can send us a request by means of sending us a registered letter.


Please use the address mentioned below, under the title “General Contact Data Protection“.


Cookie information


The website of Eggspert uses cookies to adjust the website to the needs and likes of website users and identify and track returning visitors.


As a website user, you are able to deny cookies, but then it’s possible that some parts of our website won’t work correctly anymore. If you continue to visit the Eggspert website without adjusting your cookie settings, then this implies that you accept cookies being stored on your device. Read our cookie policy below for more information on which information is being tracked and for information on how you can block or remove cookies.


Cookie policy


A cookie is data file that’s sent from the server of a website to the browser of your computer or mobile device with the purpose of being stored and retrieved upon your next website visit. This allows the website to recognize your browser and dynamically adjust to your profile. A website server is only able to read the cookies that it stored itself and has no access to any other information that’s stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are being stored in a separated folder by your browser. The contents of a cookie file consist of the name of the server, the expiration date and a unique identification code.


The Eggspert website uses different types of cookies:


1. Necessary cookies

To store user-specific preferences, cookies are necessary. If you deny cookies, then the website is unable to take your preferences into account.

2. Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that allow to build a profile from every unique website user. For every unique user the website page views are being tracked.

3. Third party cookies

Whenever we link to external websites on the website of Eggspert, it’s possible that these external websites also created cookies.

For more information about the cookies from these external websites, we advize you to consult the privacy policy of these websites individually.


How to manage your cookies

On the website you can find all the necessary information on how to deny and remove cookies in the most popular browsers.

By removing existing cookies from the Eggspert website, you also withdraw the consent to store cookies on your device and you will automatically receive the question to accept our cookie policy again.




f you would encounter issues on our website, or if you have questions or ideas regarding our privacy policy, please send your questions to our Data Protection Officer at Eggspert. This person is glad to help you further. 

Net IT claims the right to make adjusts to this privacy policy at all times.


General Contact Data Protection

Data Protection Officer
Staatsbaan 227a
9870 Zulte

Contact: Contact
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